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‣ Event organization is one of the most stresfull jobs that require a high level of concentration, multitasking capability and focus on details that create the difference between a good and an excellent event. Because of the complexity of this business, our Team wants to simplify this process for you - from the initial planning phase to the realization itself. The mutual involvement of the client and the agency in the process of organizing an event requires a series of activities on both sides and everything starts with a good initial conversation, where goals and desires should be immediately defined. ‣ We are here for you, from the beginning to the end and we want to deliver the highest quality product and the best service, according to your wishes and expectations. We want you to have confidence in us and our experience and expertise because you are our priority. We always want to give 110% of ourselves in order not only to do a job, but to add a special touch to it, so it can be recognizable and different! ‣ How can we help you? Throughout the planning process, we regularly report on the progress of the project and the steps we take. We will anticipate and be ready to have a plan B and have other options in the sleeve. We're making a full budget for you to better track and decide on certain event items. We will conduct a special to-do list with items to be confirmed by a certain date, delivered or ordered. Any additional requests and wishes from your part can also be organized. ‣ Having this kind of approach in mind, together we will organize an event that will achieve a good result and predetermined goals. Partner relationship between client and agency is a formula for success and we must not forget about returning information upon the end of the project. Just as a quality agreement is an ideal start, quality feedback is the ideal end of every cooperation, at least as far as that project is concerned. It is desirable for the client to explain what he was and what he was not satisfied with, so that we could better understand the needs and during the next co-operation we can do things even better. With feedback we learn, grow and you get more quality collaboration during the organization of the next event that people will talk about for a long time!

The department of MICE (Meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions)

Maja Kopić

Event Project Manager
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Karlo Kasal

Event Project Manager
+ 385 99 2643 713

Ingeborg Stanović

External associate - Project Manager
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